Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander is the principal attorney of Alexander IP and is an experienced patent and intellectual property attorney focusing on strategic intellectual property counseling and execution. 

I am a former patent examiner and have been a patent practitioner since 2001.  I worked for five years as an intellectual property associate at a large national law firm in Washington, DC, representing multinational corporations in patent disputes and acquisition of patents, and I thereafter worked at a mid-sized intellectual property boutique in Pittsburgh, PA, helping smaller technology companies and startups protect and commercialize their technologies.

Throughout my career, I have been broadly exposed to a number of technologies. I studied materials science and engineering at the University of Florida, examined patent applications concerning composition, structure, and processing of steels and alloys, and methods of electroplating and electropolishing, and I represented clients in various electrical, chemical, mechanical, and materials technologies, including thin film transistors, liquid crystal displays, plasma display panels, OLEDs, electrophoretic devices, flexible substrates, product packaging, consumer products, chemical compositions, laminate flooring, software and business methods, design patents, metals, alloys, ceramics, electronic packaging materials, corrosion resistant alloys, composite materials, photovoltaic devices, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, powder processing, materials consolidation, joining alloys, hot isostatic pressing, thin film multilayer devices, magnetorestrictive devices, piezoelectric transducers, and electronics manufacturing.



Facilitating discussions of proprietary technologies by preparing non-disclosure agreements and/or by filing early stage provisional patent applications


Ensuring freedom to commercialize by analyzing competitor's intellectual property rights

Licensing / Negotiation

Negotiating licenses for monetizing patented and proprietary technologies and/or licenses for authorizing use of competing technologiest

Intellectual Property Strategy

Consideration and implementation of combinations of patent, trademark, trade secret, and open collaboration strategies for commercializing novel technologies

trade secrets planning

Establishing procedures for handling propriety information required for legal enforcement of trade secret rights.

patent and trademark acquisition

Obtaining exclusive patent and trademark rights by preparing, filing, and prosecuting United States and international patent and trademark applications


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